If you are one of those anime/game Original Soundtrack (OST) collectors out there and are finding high bitrate mp3's, here's a link for you guys. If you haven't check this site out yet, I highly recommend you to check this out, as it contains hundreds, perhaps may grow to thousands of albums available to download.

By stepping one step forward into this fast-paced era, many internet users probably already know the highly-popular web sharing peer-to-peer service - Bittorrent. However, in this site, you download the mp3's via html site. Depend on the traffic, the speed may be downgrading on peak hour. Usually the download speed is within 90% of your max speed. Happy downloading!

Link: [http][gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php?r=33350]

P/S: I needed to key-in the link in such method since my current rank doesn't allow me to post a full link.