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Thread: Please review and any comment are welcome. Thanks

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    Please review and any comment are welcome. Thanks

    This community specially created to help local fresh grad student to find the right job. Please kindly review and i need some suggestion. Thanks.

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    first success stories...aku dah tak sesaba nak baca kisah kejayaan orang nih...berkobar2..erm...dah ler ticker..letter by letter lak aku mendongak menunggu citer kejayaan cik diana abis....hikhik...
    overall font okkay...erm..mudah dan efektif mcm header site keraguan lagik..terang lagi nyata kat sitew..takder slogan ker..tak kisah la ekk...ermmm

    table untuk display information tuh crowded sikit la..tatau kat mana harus diotter...
    nway gud layout with a heartbreaking success storY.
    thank u!
    "YOu Can Talk,I Can Talk"

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    Lose the ticker...very, it should not be at the bottom but should be more visible without visitors having to scroll down. After all, you would want visitors to have the impression that other people have had success. I suggest putting it on the right of your job search area. Too much whitespace there anyway. Aim for more visibility for your Success Stories.

    Might consider adding a navigation bar to reflect the existing links on the footer of the page. Again, why is success story not highlighted enough...seriously, it took me 1 minute to look for it.

    Should consider putting the Employer login somewhere else since your homepage obviously is for jobseekers. Create a tab somewhere for employers to login. Minimizes confusion.

    Hope that helps.

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