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    0 (just updated the design)

    Hello and regards to every member here,
    i've just finished another site's new design
    it's up at

    comments and reviews please,
    I'm not really experienced in doing company site so i might need some pointouts or guidance if there's anything i should take note about

    thanks again

    <a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

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    ok.. i try to comments as honest as i can be

    the white and blue for a corporate color site is OK. Actually overall is ok..
    but i would to comment about little part in header and footer design.

    Take a look at the header first..
    The Telephone no. is not suitable to place in there.
    maybe you can make something like.. a sub topic in contents (news & Updates / Tour / Product / Introduction )
    so place them under CONTACT should be better than you compact it inside the header image RIGHT? ( nampak serabut)
    The Adress also, you can put in in the contact section or maybe make a page contact.php / html bla bla..

    ok look at the header pulak~
    see this image :
    I think should be better while u design it, untick the Anti Alias (if photoshop) option to make the text more Sharp and clear.

    ermm.. thats only my comment and suggestion .

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    I agree with mystic. The contacts should be placed somewhere alot more visible, instead of cramming everything in the header. The photos of the workshop (introduction) could have been captured using a better angle, instead of the 4 misaligned versions. A honest i can get. Other than that, the site's cool.

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    Under PRODUCTS page, do you want to consider include some descriptions for the products displayed? It looks like photo gallery instead of Product page

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    i dont see any change???

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