Items required

1) Cover Page
„« Please provide details such project title, student name (full name), student id, country, facilitatorˇ¦s name.
2) Table of contents
„« Please state the sections that you have and the page numbers.

3) Introduction
„« Please provide the details such company background, current system description, and the objectives and features of your proposed system.
4) Outline Design
„« You are supposed to sketch out the designs using MS Word or any other graphics software. Should include the designs for all the pages you wish to develop. The designs should be properly labeled. Refer to the annex pages for a sample.
5) Output Design
„« You are expected to capture the screens of the developed web pages and print it out. All the pages should be captured and they should be properly labeled. Refer to the annex pages for a sample.
6) Development
„« Print out all the source codes (HTML and JS) and ensure that you have paid attention to indentation, and comments.
7) Testing
„« You are expected to perform at least 16 test cases. Do not go overboard and perform too many test cases. Refer to the annex pages for a sample.
8) User Guide
„« There are two sub-sections. First is the systems requirement. In it, you will have to list out the hardware and software requirements to use the system (the website). This is from the usersˇ¦ point of view.
„« Another section is the user manual, which should guide the user to navigate the site. Screen capturing would be helpful in this section as well.
9) Conclusion
„« You must list out the strengths (good points) of your system, weaknesses (bad points) of your system and also the enhancements (the improvements) to your system.
10) Acknowledgements
„« You must give the web addresses of the sites, from where you took any images or references, from. If you do not provide this list, and images or scripts taken from the internet is found, you will be penalized.