it's been a while since i released it, 1 -2 month ago
sorry for informing it a bit late ;-/

it's purely done by me using,
Illustrator --> flash

with ALOT of sketches

.A revival of story between the race of the hare and the tortoise with a *twist*

.Sega (Of course)
.Warner Bros (for ideas and concepts)
.NewGrounds (Preloader,i'm lazy to make 1,i don't know how to make even ;-P)
.You (Every single byte that you guys download this movie is worth a million to me,thanks)
.Bethesda Softwares (For their brilliant work over sound effects and music)
.And to those that helped me out during the process of the movie-making (i'll update it by time)

.*notes*this movie is personally done by me for about 2 month plus and has nothing to do with SegaŽ or even Sega's Megadrive,it's just because of interest and salutes to the company,and i placed the credit as a salute to them for thier work last time on the games*notes*
.enjoy the movie *smiles*
.critiques and comments are very welcome
.psssst...there's some small easter within it
.forgot to include this inside the movie,if you interested,you can take a look at the development stage for the movie at (sketches etc.)
.*updates* character bio *updates*