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The guide for your business - PickNote.com

PickNote.com, a live business directory, the starting point from Malaysia.

Business actually is a network consists of the relationship of people where everyone has their own profession, skills and friends. If you know people from all levels of living and profession, and be friend with them, you will easily build up your career and get more business sales!

Why Choose PickNote as your business tool?!

1) FREE Advertising

It's free to sign up and join our business directory, post in forum, review business and link with your blog post and so on. In fact, you can use PickNote to expand your business network while promoting your products and services at the same time!

2) Live and powerful search on businesses

Using live and fast search function in the site by QUERY and LOCATION can help the users find what they want without any efforts.

3) Share and Review

Share - You can share the business with others thorugh the 'AddThis - Share' button or 'Refer to Friends' form in the business page. Easy way to refer business to anyone that are interested or looking for it.

Review - You can review the business based on your good or bad experience. Meanwhile you can link the review with your blog post so that can bring more traffics to you.

4) NEW Offers

Users - You can browse all the offers added by the business owners, get the bestsaving and cheapest products / services through the promotions or offers.

Business Owners - You can add business offers / promotions to bring up your sales.

5) Forum

Focused and business-based forum that consists of 3 categories - Jobs Centre, Trade Zone and Event List.

6) You can make a difference!

You can act now and make the difference, be part of PickNote and start your journey with us by Sign up Now!