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    The Wknd Sessions (

    Developed this site for a self initiated project and was just launched today.

    The Weekend Sessions is a weekly online music and interview show that brings you closer to the forefront of the fast-growing Malaysian music scene. From independent singer-songwriters to big-name bands, hear what inspires, tickles, and makes these emerging songsters tick and talk. Then catch them as they do exclusive performances for The Weekend Sessions.

    Involved in the whole process from idea conception, video production, post production, graphic design, web design and development. The webbie web was developed using Joomla due to budget constrains but had done some tweaking to the components and template to suit the concept (a real bit(h to customize).

    Just have a look la, and you know, get to know the real Malaysian music scene.

    The Wknd


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    well i'm not in IT line
    but pretty good..

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    look like a pure programmer design to me...
    lots of improvement needed on the designs....

    first look i can't figure out what the website is all about and looked like a personal blog for some dude called Azmy whom i don't know..
    if i didn't read your post here beforehand i would assume its a personal blog/web of Azmy instead of online mag that writes about music scene....

    my suggestions
    1. make header more interesting and relate it to the music scene..
    2. make menu bar and words more lively..
    3. no centralized focus aka too much white spaces
    4. links on footer... open it in new windows coz u don't want visitor loose focus on your site.
    5. no about us page??? visitor don't even know what you are dealing with...

    lastly.... build more contents as times goes.... content is king anyway.....

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    thanx for the comments. we just launched it actually, so if you check it again this week, got some extra stuff lah. but yeah its true that a general user might not know what's going on.

    anyway, the reason i'm keeping the site simple (programmerish design as you put it) is that the server will be holding at least 30 - 50 .flvs (at least 40MB each), so trying to keep the site extra light.

    and also had to design something "neutral" since the program will be featuring malaysian musicians from all sorts of genres because different genres use different graphical elements (hip hop uses a lot of graffiti related graphics, and folk music dont appreciate those types).

    dont want visual diarrhea (eg so basically, dont want the design to overshadow / misinterpret the actual content (videos). and yea, this website is actually focused on content.

    but did you get a look at the content (video) at all?
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