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Thread: new blog and new design

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    new blog and new design

    hi all, i am andy. just started blog. im taking bloging to next level by getting a domain and redesign a theme a bit. here's my link andy is starwalker well basicly ur guys profesional opinion. do you guys think my blog is too heavy? is it surfable? is it lag cause too much of picture?

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    Its a simple and nice design for the top, as for the bottom I wonder if you did anything extra onto the design or its the same. As for the speed wise of the webpage loading depends on the user internet connection speed and the speed of your webhost.

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    Speedwise, it is quite fast. I am using Streamyx 1 MB. At 50% width, the advertisement space seems to me too big. I think a maximum of 40% would not give the impression to readers that the web owner is more interested in the advertising revenue than providing any service.

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    It's quite ok. You need to spur a bit more effort in rebranding the blog as yours. There's many people using BlogOhBlog theme.

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