Hey! Sup everyone! We've just launched our new music video website.. Currently, we have more than 2700 songs! Indonesian, malaysian and english songs.. We're still at a period of adding new songs.. Our main target is to reach 10000 videos by the end of the first quarter of 2008.. Kindly review us and give your comments (it doesn't have to be nice )


Here are a few examples: ^^

Girlfriend video by Avril Lavigne @ Spacecafe.org
Just Lose It : Director's Cut video by Eminem @ Spacecafe.org
Mockingbird video by Eminem @ Spacecafe.org
Angguk-Angguk Geleng-Geleng video by Ahli Fiqir @ Spacecafe.org
2x5 (Dua Kali Lima) video by Ahli Fiqir @ Spacecafe.org
Tipah Tertipu video by Ruffedge @ Spacecafe.org
Stream of Conciousness - Live at Budokan video by Dream Theater @ Spacecafe.org