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Thread: Blog Review wanted

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    Blog Review wanted

    I just finished tweaking and and backtracking some of my older contents.. in my old frienster blog...

    please feel free to comments this new blog of mine... Thanks in advance. - My Life Long programming Journey toward being a successful in Life

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    errm..not talk about the content part first k

    the design, those images my guess is u are trying to use transparency gif right? coz the cutting edge at the side there doesn't look too smooth as i can see some pixelated parts there. If want to use transparency image, better to use PNG with some javascript input there. As for the header portion, the graphics, maybe u can adjust a bit of the brightness/contrast to make the image looks more fresh and attractive, coz now the baby looks quite dull in color wise.

    as for the content, nothing much can say coz all i can see is ads, well...that's how a money bloging and tech blog suppose to have anyway :P

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