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Thread: Find out how to host your resume/cv/portfolio online...

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    Lightbulb Find out how to host your resume/cv/portfolio online...

    Hi everyone,

    Let me introduce to you - a site that allows it's users to do two things:

    1. Publish your resume, CV and portfolio online under your own name - and is accessible to anyone and everyone 24hrs a day 365 days a year. And is completely free!

    2. Secondly, to post jobs with only one click (the Submit button) without the need to register first.

    Why did we create

    Before existed there is no website where companies can find Malaysian IT and Creative Multimedia enthusiasts, students and jobseekers.

    We realised this problem when we were looking for a PHP/MySQL programmer and we did not want to use the famous well known online job services because we knew that it would still be very hard to look for a job candidate from the service.

    Our idealogy is simplicity. When an employer is seeking to hire someone, they should do with the least amount of complexity, which is why we came up with such a concept.

    How does it work?
    It works for both ICT and Creative Multimedia companies as well as jobseekers in the industry.

    How does it work for the creative multimedia dude or tech professional or anyone?
    Anyone and everyone can have their very our online resume, or what we call your "TechBeat Resume". Its simple to use and straight to the point and it's free.

    How does it work for ICT/Tech/Creative multimedia companies?
    It works very well for such companies because we offer a really targeted reach, why post a job listing on a generic and general based job listing service, when you can post to a specific and specialized job site like TechBeat.

    Apart from that, companies will be able to browse through the business network which is made up of all the TechBeat resumes.

    Who's behind
    Slashes and Dots Sdn Bhd

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    wondering wat the heck happen to your website??????

    when i go to your web its say "Sorry, no such geek!"

    wat the heck is that???

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    Ouch.. heheh.. thats a little .htaccess bug we have yet to fix.

    To check the site out you must use the full URL techBeat: Malaysia Online IT/Multimedia Job Site

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    Thanks for the information about your site. I use Google Docs to host my resumes online. It allows you to make it private, public or shared ( This one is a real beauty.)
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