Kumpulan PHP.net.my berhasrat untuk membangunkan CMS Open Source Malaysia. Kami sedang berbincang untuk memulakan projek ini.

Fasa pertama baru involve initial discussion. Kami memerlukan bukan sahaja programmer. Tetapi designer, bug fixer, documenter dan juga sponsor .

Dibawah adalah sedutan dari forum discussion kami.

Phase 1: Requirement Analysis
This phase identifies our need and proposes that a solution be found. This is the phase where the scope is set, resources are planned, target audiences are defined and the context that the new system will operate in is determined. Maybe we're better of trying out the existing CMS and writing down the weakness about them.

Phase 2: Analysis & Design
Analysis is a way of understanding what needs doing before we begin trying to do it and design is a way of checking that the planned action or solution really meets the needs of the situation, before it is put into practice. Since sameon is willing to contribute his framework, this part should be easy... In this phase, we will discussed further about framework & methodology to be used. (based on sameon framework)

Phase 3: Setup an organisation
Any project failure is also a failure of the project management. Seriously, we should have a STRONG organisation. In this phase, we will discussed more about our organisation. Who will be our project leader? Team division? Responsibilites of each team... Etc... (Project name, project title, project description, summary... etc...)

Phase 4: Picking a License
A major decision to be taken that deserves a section on its own: the project license. We should decide our open-source license. (GPL, LGPL or ?)

Phase 5: Testing & Implementation
Huhhh... finally, after all have been decided, project begins... maybe we should consider to release a nightly version first (prototype). (domain registration, hosting, setup a CVS & etc...)

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyumbangkan sesuatu, boleh la join discussion dan menawarkan diri. Anda boleh join di http://www.php.net.my/forum/thread.php/9/701

Juga akan diadakan meetup pertama PHP.net.my dan antara perbincangan utama ialah CMS Open Source ini. Belum decide tarikh, tempat dan waktu lagi. Sesiapa yang berminat nak datang boleh discuss di http://www.php.net.my/forum/thread.php/10/704

Saya pun tak tau lagi kejayaan projek ini, tapi dengan bantuan semua, mungkin sesuatu akan terjadi.

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.