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Thread: How to start personal Wiki pages

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    Question How to start personal Wiki pages

    (Maybe this is the right place) G'day all. Anyone fimiliar with this - Wiki software or scripting.... The place that anyone can create or edit any Wiki spaces page. It's a place to grow communities around the topics you care about.

    Like Wikipedia. Anyone knows how to get start a Wiki page personally. Anything from how to install to our webhost and manage it.

    I found some use this WackoWiki and Media Wiki. But still can't understand how to configure it at my webhost. Any advice or usefull tips to share with. Pls help.

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    Yes, you have to install Media Wiki or any other wiki software. I have tried installing Media Wiki (the most common Wiki software used) and it is relatively easy. What is the difficulty you are experiencing in installing Media Wiki? Make sure you have already configured a MySQL database with username/password first before you install

    - MENJ

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    Thanks MENJ for that.
    Ok I've download Mediawiki-1.4.5. So what next, then how to configure a MySQL database. Sorry, Im totally zero on this... pls someone help. I'm using cpanel based webhosting... anyone out there.

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    wiki .... how it look like ...

    i find wiki script in my cpanel... but not intersting to install it ...

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