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Thread: Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

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    Difference between ASP and ASP.NET

    ASP.Net web forms have a code-behind file that contains all the code for handling events.
    1. ASP.Net web forms inherit written in code-behind class.
    2. ASP.Net web forms full use programming language in its own right
    3. ASP.Net Web Applications are configurable (web.config)
    4. ASP.Net webforms can use custom controls through the @ Register directive
    5. ASP.Net web forms have ADO.Net which supports the integration and integration of XML data from two or more sources of data

    ASP does not have this facility to separate programming logic design.
    1. ASP does not have the concept of inheritance.
    2. ASP pages using a scripting language.
    3. ASP applications are not.
    4. It is not available with ASP.
    5. while ASP ADO is a simple COM object with limited resources.

    ASP.Net Developers

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    ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a development framework used for building web pages.
    ASP.NET was released by Microsoft as a successor to ASP.

    Following are few differences among them:

    (1) ASP is the interpreted language while ASP.NET is the compiled language
    (2) ASP is partially object oriented while ASP.NET is fully object oriented
    (3) Error handling is very poor in ASP while Error handling is very good in ASP.NET
    (4) ASP Pages have the file extension .asp while ASP.NET Pages have the file extension .aspx
    (5) No in-built support for XML in ASP while ASP.NET provides full XML Support for easy data exchange.
    (6) Debugging is difficult in ASP as its interpreted while in ASP.NET debugging is easy because errors are generated as compile type errors.
    (7) ASP is not configurable while in ASP.NET Web.config is used to configure.

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