Don't know whoever open forum had heard about Discuz! ?

Discuz! is one of the best-known forum script that popular installed by the user all over the world. The latest version of Discuz! is Discuz! 7.0

Actually, Discuz! is the forum script that developed by Comsenz (ʢ루Ƽ޹˾), a China Company. Because its beauty, all over the world the best developer had translated this forum script into other languages.

Whoever accessing website must know, the first search engine in Malaysia. Its forum website is using Discuz! to build. Discuz! is suitable both in small scale or large scale website. During 2008 Olympic, it is able to support high bandwidth in an average server, in a main news publishing website of Olymic.

Discuz! is developed from 2001. At first, it is the PHP version. Now it even develop the ASP.NET version and the latest version is called Discuz! NT 2.0. I knew that 2007 the Tech-ED exhibited by Microsoft, Discuz! NT is the only one web software showing in exhibition centre!!!

Allright, now introduce the website links that related to Discuz!

Discuz! ̳ٷ ̳|BBS| - Powered by Discuz!
The main forum of discuz, it is in Chinese Version.

English Discuz! - The English Discuz! 7 Support Forum - Free to Download all English Discuz! Resource - Powered by Discuz! - Support by Discuz2u
This is the English version, that translated and changed by one Malaysian!!! (Malaysia Boleh)

ดิสคัส ไทย! ฟรีเว็บบ*ร์ด | กลุ่มผู้เล่นกระด นข่าว ดิสคัส ( Discuz! Board ) ในประเทศไทย - Powered by Discuz!
This is the Thai version, that translated by one Thai person. But, I not understand the Thai languages.

Any problem related Discuz! you guys can ask me at here.