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Thread: Tolong!Tolong!! Urgent giler nie...

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    Tolong!Tolong!! Urgent giler nie...

    a'kum kengkawan semue yg terrer lagi macho..
    aku nak tanyer skit nie..
    camner nak setup shopping chart ?
    aku dah register account kat
    die bagi php & mysql...
    aku dah ade skript shopping chart (*.php)...
    aku try bace read me yg dier bagi...
    dier suruh aku create database..
    so camner aku nak buat tu..ajar le aku yg hine ini..
    Smart people always think when they will die....

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    kat dk3 takde phpmyadmin ker
    kalau takde susahla sikit

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    baru gak..

    database utk simpan ape?
    klu email cuba pkai freeautobot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteskull View Post
    database utk simpan ape?
    klu email cuba pkai freeautobot..
    dude... sorry lar... donno how to help you already coz database u also donno what the use of it....

    i suggest you better hire a local expert to setup the whole thing for u....

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    this thread start from 18-08-2002 12:31 PM. NO point to reply i think. beside that, has closed..
    Regarding the Free Service

    Unfortunately we have been forces to stop our services. For some time we have been searching for a company to take over our activities without any luck.

    An agreement has been made with Hosting and they will provide a rebate for old users who wish to signup for their services by using this coupon code "DK3C".


    Kind regards,
    for some reason, i think the old thread need to be lock..

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