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Thread: How do i display data from mysql database?

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    How do i display data from mysql database?

    I have this simple program that require me to display data from database. It works previously on my other program. I dont know what went wrong for this one. Here i put :

    include 'connection.php';
    $id = $_GET['id'];
    $select_id = "SELECT * from meeting WHERE id_meet='$id'";

    $result = mysql_query($select_id) or die (mysql_error());
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

    $meet_name = stripslashes ($row["name"]);
    $meet_designation = stripslashes ($row["designation"]);
    $meet_id_no = stripslashes ($row["id_no"]);
    $meet_subject = stripslashes ($row["subject"]);

    <TR><TD width=166 height="25"><DIV align=left><FONT face="Tahoma" color="#000000" size="2"> Name: </FONT></DIV></TD><TD width="355" height="25"><DIV align=left><FONT face="Tahoma" color="#000000" size="2"><?php echo "$meet_name"; ?></FONT></DIV></TD></TR>

    and so on for the designation,id_no and subject.
    Please help me on this!!
    Thank you

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    Everything seems to be okay to me. What was / were the error(s) being thrown?
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    yeah man. its like you go to see a doctor and say you're sick, but the doctor cant touch or ask you anything. unless the doctor is psychic, how you expect you the doctor to help you?

    when you displayed the page, did you see any error messages or its just a blank page?

    btw, i see here 2 fields from the table, 'id_meet' and 'id_no'. does the table really have 2 'id' fields?

    if it does, the 'id_meet' seemed to be quoted in the query. whats the field type? if its a varchar, char, text, etc., then it cant be the primary key or unique. in this case, the result could return more than 1 row. therefore you might be getting the wrong result since there are no loops to display them, if there are more than 1.

    also, there are no 'table' tags. some browsers might not display the table and its contents.
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