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    Aku nk tanyer korang. aku ader donload phpbb3 time nak install tuh memang user friendly..

    tapi aku xpaham kalo aku try wat kat localhost. server name dier camner aku nk wat ek?
    aku ade tgok readme dier..

    dier tulih cenggini..

    Database settings
    You now have to decide which database to use. See the Requirements section for information on which databases are supported. If you do not know your database settings, please contact your host and ask for them. You will not be able to continue without them. You need:

    The Database Type - the database you will be using.
    The Database server hostname or DSN - the address of the database server.
    The Database server port - the port of the database server (most of the time this is not needed).
    The Database name - the name of the database on the server.
    The Database username and Database password - the login data to access the database.
    Note: if you are installing using SQLite, you should enter the full path to your database file in the DSN field and leave the username and password fields blank. For security reasons, you should make sure that the database file is not stored in a location accessible from the web.


    phpbb3 nih cambest laa tuk blaja2.. aku bru nk blaja... tunjuk ajarku sifu...

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    server name slalu localhost je.
    database slalu mysql gak.

    phpbb sgt sng utk di install

    cuba jaya je!

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    server hostname or DSN: localhost
    database: mysql
    server port: <abaikan>
    name: <nama database>
    username: root
    password: <abaikan>

    ni kalu guna localhost. pastikan create dahulu database menggunakan phpmyadmin.

    kalu di live server, masuk CPanel terus ke bahagian database management, create new user untuk control database tersebut. pastu masukkan maklumat yang tadi masa installation phpbb

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