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Thread: how to hide index.php source code ?

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    how to hide index.php source code ?

    hi frens,
    need your help..
    how i am gonna hide peoples from viewing my source code especially index.php ?
    i've try no right clik script but still it didnt work.. any idea?

    If this topic has been discussed before than moderator should delete this msg.
    I did browsing all the topic still cant find it..


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    you're asking for something that never exist!..

    there's normal.. typically, a novice webmaster always scare their html / source code will be stolen.

    Even they just copy and paste javascript from somewhere, and doing little bit editing on image they got somewhere.. and they scare again people will copy their code.

    No right clicking? alert javascript? It's annoying!

    The best solution is.. JUST LEAVE IT THAT WAY.

    Note: index.php is in php format, it only in hosting server.. visitor will not get the original .php file, because the file was processed to HTML already lah..
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    everyone can see your html code,
    even if you seach and view cde on google, or any other website.
    but not php code. that's the different

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    just leave it. it good for seo
    I hate when:

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    Hi there,

    Did you mean hiding the generated html source code? Because I don't think people will have access to your php file via the browser.

    I also think it's not a good practice since people will still have access to your html source file no matter how hard you try to hide it.

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