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Thread: Action scirpt dengan Flash Media Server..

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    Action scirpt dengan Flash Media Server..

    Assalamualaikum kepada web master semua..

    saya nak buat satu video conferencing menggunakan web site ..

    adakah saya berada di dalam track yang betul iaitu menggunakan Action script dan Fash media server..

    Ape pendapat web master..
    adakah language lain yang lebih bersesuaian dengan video conferencing ini...

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    not sure about 'video conferencing' tapi AV chat using flash facility pernah dengar la...

    usually for video conferencing, yg menarik ialah multi-point video casts, bukan every client streaming from one server which would choke its pipe and reduce its quality/smoothness (speed per stream multiple by number of participants, multiple number of parallel sessions).

    for single stream/session video conferencing, you can always use IMs like YM, WLM and Skype which offers a decent quality for free via VoIP.

    so, if you already have that multipoint video conferencing engine (they license out for quite a sum of money), it's likely you'll be able to employ it via web-based interface in lieu of desktop application, similar to webex (which was recently acquired by Cisco for US$3.2B!) I suppose. In local scene, USM-hosted MLABS for instance is one of the premier players in video conferencing and is indeed making a decent amount of revenue out of this flagship application, but I don't suppose they support web-based deployment, particular for end consumers. (multipoint videoconference is a huge revenue-earner targetted for large organizations).
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