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Thread: How to get stock price quote on webpage?

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    How to get stock price quote on webpage?

    Does anyone know how to get updated KLSE stock quote on a webpage? I want to grab the latest share price of a listed company and display it on my website. Is there a sample source code for this (PHP or ASP)?

    An example of how this would work is : KLSE Online Stock Quotes.


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    hi, there's not possible if you cant get through the database of the KLSE-stock online. But there's some ideas that I've thought in order to solve your problem.

    Make a frame at somewhere in your website where you wish to display the quotes. Then disable the border line and set it unscrollable for the frame. Then set the frame link to the address you're givin. After that, the size of the frame set to smaller than the space of the "Quotes display Size" so tat user is unable to see the "close" button.

    Hope that you understand the meaning of mine..



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    There's also companies that does this, they charge you a price, usually around RM 250 a month, some have setup fee some don't... examples are like what you see on and they let you use iframe to show the End Of Day prices or something like that...

    one of these companies are if i'm not mistaken.

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, hope it helps.
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    i think you need to write your own script to read the page out into text file/var and start trimming all those unwanted html coding utill you get the data that you wanted...

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