Hello fellow web masters and designers alike. My name is Adam and I am from Petaling Jaya now working in a design house in Sydney. Through my work place I have designed and constructed a website for American sports photographer Gary Land. link(Google garylandphotography)

My work has just recently been nominated for a Webby Award - link(Google Webby Awards) which is such a big surprise and honor for me as the Webby Awards is a very prestigious International award with entries from all over the world. It is the Oscars of the digital media industry. To be picked amongst agency giants from America and Europe has sent a huge pride of my humble beginnings studying website design in MMU Cyberjaya and thinking that any Malaysian designer can achieve the same and can compete with the best.

I am seeking for help from my fellow web masters and designers to vote for my work 'Gary Land Photography' for the Peoples Voice award here :
pv . webby awards . com / ballot / 18 (please remove spaces. I cant post links as I dont have enough post counts yet )

I appreciate any sincere help and say thank you in advance With a bit of luck we could make Malaysia proud I know it sounds like I am fishing for nationalistic votes but sincerely this is such a great opportunity and honor that I would need all the help I can get against American agency giants such as Time Warner Global Media Group, Blue State Digital, Bluecadet Interactive ..... Canvas Group is where I work and we are about 8 people and that is tiny as compared. Thank you again everyone.