WebriQ, an online web content management software is soon to launch its Template contest. The company will award the best template design but also the best designed E-commerce site and the site with the most original content. The start of the contest will be on November 13th, but you can get a sneak preview of it already on webriq[.]com
Further details will be on our website and on a WebriQ microsite .
The contest is generally open to all interested web designers, web developers, free lance web developers or anyone that has basic or extended knowledge of CSS template design.

The winner will get a cheque of 1,000 USD and will be awarded with a Platinum WebriQ Partnership.
Prizes for the Contest:
First price: 1000 USD + lifetime PLATINUM Partner
Second price: 600 USD + lifetime GOLD Partner
Third price: 300 USD + lifetime SILVER Partner
Best E-commerce site: 2Y PRO + BRONZE
for more info go through : webriq[.]com