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    Portable Database


    I would like to find a database management program that is easy to use yet does not need the internet. The purpose of the database is to store our inventory and then be uploaded and read on our website. I need it portable so I can do inventory at multiple warehouses on a laptop.

    Any Ideas? I have tried:
    1. Navicat
    2. PHP Magic



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    Are you sure?

    Is the copy available on the Internet read-only? If not you're going to have the problem of concurrent edits. Say customer buys one as you 'sell it' to your brother-in-law who is helping you to 'stock-take'!

    If it is read-only on the Internet, then do you want to just provide a document that lists your stock, or do you want a web to be able to read it in some way? Some open source spreadsheet programs can store their data in XML format. Any decent web scripting language should be able to read XML. Maybe Excel can also store to XML now too, I wouldn't know. I'm not saying a spreadsheet is right for your task, just an example.

    If your inventory is very simple, it could be that a spreadsheet, or even something simpler (like a scripted webpage running on a server process on your laptop) could be just what you need.

    You don't sound as though you need a database management program at all.

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    So what type of program you use? Is it the desktop version or web version. If desktop version you can try Visual Studio .NET the SQL Server Database that can stored locally.
    If you develop in Java, you can try JavaDB, the 2.5 MB database totally written in Java, and it is portable. I have not tried before, just seen it yesterday.

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