Web developers know best the pain of creating a website, especially when the project is huge. The project can drag and it become another chapter of never ending story. To do, or to drop, both options are becoming nightmare!


Web project with huge budget usually is complicated. Owners has too many different goals to archive! Web owner decide what they want. Web developers listen.

Both of them speak different languages!

At the end, dispute happen, and the website was never completed. For those completed project, there is no result!

We can't blame both web owner and developers

Website owners are the one who pay and expect things to be done.

Web developers are paid and expect to get thing done too.

But, how things can be done, and why it needs to be done, is never discussed!

The solution:

Get a Web BluePrint. The BluePrint outlines the goal of the website and tell web developers how to execute the plan, without going own. Risk reduce for web owners.

By Pin, Web BluePrint - 1.com.my