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Thread: designing flash content for PDA.

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    designing flash content for PDA.

    i need some info.. would be extremely grateful for any help/info offered.

    i've checked the macromedia site (and im still doing some research on the net) and yes, they do have flash players for the PocketPC, so i assume that at least some PDA's are capable of displaying flash content. am i right so far? i am also assuming you need windows CE to install the flash player.

    can anyone tell me the fundamentals of designing flash content for PDA's? color depth, screen size etc etc.. specifics would be nice. or if anyone would point me to a url i can check.. i would be very grateful.

    thanks in advance.

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    I also wonder if we can design flash layout for pocket pc...
    <form name="jump">
    <select name="menu" onChange="[].value;" style="border:1px #393F31 solid;color:#393F31;font:10px Verdana;font-weight:bold;" >
    <option value="0" style="background: #9CC8FE" selected>*SELECT-LINKS</option>
    <option value="" style="background: #FF0000">GENGTURBO</option>
    <option value="" target="new" style="background: #C6D607">PHIXELGRAFIX</option>
    <option value="" style="background: #FCBC45">OLD-BLOG</option>
    <option value="" style="background: #FF99CC">WEBHOSTING</option>

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    pocket pc = windows ce .. hehe.

    anyway ... some PDA capable to display with i think 640 X 480 resolution. but i think they dont do that ... it'll be so small right ? i dont know .. just a guess.
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    yah also am interested in doing flash stuff for PDAs ... there is a book called

    Flash Enabled: Flash Design and Development for Devices
    by Phillip Torrone, et al

    I don have this book yet, but it has high rating at amazon ...

    also on another topic, try latest version of Opera web browser yet?

    Version 7 can emulate PDA screens! cool!!
    its definately a worthwhile download at 3mb ... super cool!
    but i am not sure it can diaplay flash content ... have tried visiting flash sites ... cannot see flash la ... is it bcos of the HTML object code? hmm ... let me know if you know!


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    ermm setahu aku lah .. PDA tak boleh nak nengok flash .. tapi kalau pocket pc bley lah
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