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Thread: what do I need to design my own webpage?

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    Question what do I need to design my own webpage?

    Need help here. I would like to design my own website for affiliate marketing or google adsense. What is the easiest or user friendly web design software? Any suggestion? Is coffecup good?

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    Coffecup has 2 versions rite? The free one does text editing only... the paid one has WYSIWYG editor....... which one you thinking of?

    You should actually have an idea what type of website/content that you want to create, then we can give you some ideas how to go about it.

    I find the easiest way is by using text editor, and design using XHTML/CSS layout method (anyway, that's the recommended method, instead of table layouts -- and there're many other advantages too)

    Any experience with HTML/XHTML, CSS, graphics editor?

    If you want to learn designing valid XHML/CSS sites... read this book HTML*Utopia: Designing*Without*Tables Using*CSS, 2nd*Edition - SitePoint Books (download the free sample 4chapters .... the sample chapters will already get you on the way to becoming efficient with xhtml and css.... search for other references as well )

    Oh, btw, Sitepoint is giving away an excellent Photoshop book for FREE... all the must know tricks for webmasters... i think it's an absolute must have >> The*Photoshop*Anthology: 101*Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques - PDF Only - SitePoint Books (normal price is US29.90)

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    y not u dont try dreamweaver or microsoft expression web? try download from their website for trial.. if ok, then buy the *ehem2* or original which will cost u nearly RM2000... hehe..

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    if want free wysiwyg .... try 1st page Evrsoft First Page / 1st Page 2006 HTML Editor / Website Builder

    they are free to use but have a nagging screen everytime you run and close the software...

    tips: do arm your antivirus before installing coz one of their bundled scripts contains a javascript virus... donno whether its a false alarm or not but tat wat my kaspersky and pccilin reported everytime i installed it...

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    I am hiring web designer for my webpage..
    if any fault, ask him to settled it out
    you could find any junior student freelance here..

    if you decided to manage itself..
    then it may look unproper finished..

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