The Web Developer Alliance concept is conceived in the early days of 2007. The objective of WDA is simple- we would like to explore further business opportunities with you.

And to turn these business opportunities into successful ventures, we believe a mutually beneficial relationship with all our allies is of utmost importance.

WDAís Objectives

With the encouraging sign ups in the past few weeks, the WDA would like to share with her members on the key objectives that will move the WDA in the right direction in the web development industry.

1. Categories & Skills

The first objective the WDA would like to achieve is to categorize the membersí skillsets and to focus on marketing these skills to potential clients.

2. Infrastructure and Internal Tech

The WDA recognizes that members already have pre-existing infrastructure and is already serving their existing customers. To move forward, WDA would like to assist the members by streamlining their infrastructure and thereby use proven marketing techniques to improve members online presence and marketability.

3. Project Awarding

Members of the WDA will be awarded projects from time to time to put their expertise and infrastructure to practical use. Itís hoped that from these projects, the members will gain more experience and can increase their profit margin from these projects. The awards will be distributed according to the disciplines of each members.

4. Online Biz

The WDA is also constantly exploring new online business ventures. Members who expressed interest and has a good track record will be considered for possible joint-ventures in future ventures.

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