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Thread: Telnet??

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    Arrow Telnet??

    Ape sebenarnya Telnet ni?
    apa fungsi dia?
    cammana nak pakai telnet?
    bolehke telnet ni pakai DOS...

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    Telnet ni digunakan untuk connect kepada Unix/Linux server. Firstly, kau kena ada account dekat server tu...

    Seperti yg mungkin telah diketahui, Unix/Linux ni adalah satu system multi-user yang menggunakan command line interface... semuanya text, utk run anything kena type its command...

    multi-user ni bermaksud lebih dari satu user boleh menggunakan system tu dalam satu masa...

    okay, i think i've answered your 1st and 2nd question...

    your 3rd and 4th question...

    nak pakai telnet ni senang je... semua windows system ada program telnet. program ni la yg akan connect kepada system unix/linux dan paparkan command line interface tu kat window. so this means u can use unix/linux in windows! sort of la...

    ok, go to Start -> Run -> Type 'telnet' ... the program akan keluar and to connect to a Unix/Linux server just pegi kat Connect -> Remote system...

    type in the IP atau domain/hostname yg nak diconnect kepada. bila dah connect, ko kena enter a username and password. so ni la yg aku maksudkan kena ada account sendiri....

    ada banyak unix/linux server on the net yg kasik account free, just pegi search kat mana2 search engine... aku tau satu jek, ... try it out..

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    Terima Kasih Sebab aku pun tak tau jugak sebelum nih..hehe

    Dulu aku tau gitu2 jer...

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    sekarang nih dah tak buat open servis

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    aku ader gak blaja telnet ni,tapi aku nak tanyakan.......php tu memang kena guna telnet ke?kalau kite nak buat sesuatu ompej menggunakan php kite perlu buat design dia dulu ke atau masa kita tengah online dan guna telnet untuk buat ompej tersebut?tolong jawap please...

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    Hobbiton is now a private server. (See previous announcement below.)
    Most of the home directories and email still exist. If you have a dire need
    for any of your old data, you may email Please do not do
    so unless it is very important to you. Include your username and password. I
    will have to verify them manually. Do not wait too long. I won't keep the
    data forever. To everyone else: I'm sorry it couldn't last forever, and it's
    been a pleasure. At the least, I hope we may have inspired some other free
    hosts to provide similar services and I hope the service was at least as
    valuable to others as it was to us. Farewell. -- Bilbo

    Recent downtime was caused by a hard drive failure. Most of the
    data was recovered, however some was not.
    We have come to the conclusion that Hobbiton cannot continue to
    exist anymore. We have found that our ISP is too unreliable, and a more
    reliable ISP is far too expensive. In addition to ISP trouble, we have
    faced hardware trouble. The expense of top quality hardware is too far
    out of our budget. Attempts to increase Hobbiton's income has failed.
    With the advertising market at an all time low and with few advertisors
    willing to pay for space on untargeted audiences, the amount we were
    earning amounted less than one half of a percent of our operating costs
    Hobbiton is closing all of our services November 1, 2001.
    Extended services customers are entitled to a refund upon request (minus
    from $0.75-$5 for transfer fees). Extended services refunds can be
    discussed on a case-by-case basis, please send mail to if you have questions.
    We would like to thank everyone that helped to this project
    along over the last 4 years. We thank all 101,796 users for
    choosing us, even through the tough times that we have faced. The admins
    of Hobbiton are deeply saddened by what we have to do, we would like to
    wish all of you luck on finding a good host for your web pages, e-mail, or
    UNIX shell needs. - Leif Pedersen and Don Heap
    AkU @daLaH aKu

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    You can setup telnet session in win2k too...not just unix/linux. The client can use telnet to access win2k as to get the files in the harddisk or run some program from there.
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