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Thread: ftp problem

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    ftp problem

    Just completed a 114 MB pictorial web site and ready to ftp to my host in USA (300MB/30 GB data transfer=USd90/year) using ws_ftp_pro. But to my horror, after 2 hrs of uploading, only to discover that it would need 100 hours (transfer manager indication, provided no breaks in connections) to complete the task by dial-up Is anyone out there has a better solution ? Unfornately there is no streamyx service where I live (Uda, JB). Willing to pay handsomely for your time to help, plus willing to travel to any where in M'sia (preferrably in JB) for a solution. Please note I am not an expert in web things.

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    Lightbulb A sorta solution

    goodday mate! i have a (crazy maybe) solution for that kinda problem. is there anybody you know who has streamyx account or any cc with dsl connection? you i'm sure you can ask for their service in uploading your files right? just bring your hdd(with your website files in it) there (cc with dsl connection) and upload it there lah. try it. just a thought. just.... a thought.

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    Wow! 114MB over dial-up... Looks like you have a problem... Well just as a suggestion... (These might be crazy solutions too )

    Well... even on dsl 128kbps upstream... it's going to take you about 4-5 hours to upload 114MB... But i'v never tried uploading anything more than 100MB on my dsl.

    My Suggestions:
    1. Break you website into pieces... lets say of 5mb each... with the most important files being uploaded first... this way, even if you do get a break in connection, you will know what files have been uploaded and what files still need to be uploaded. By doing this, you will also be able to start running your website with a few photos, and everyday, more-and-more photos are added. So, lets say that you can upload 10MB a day (2 lots of 5mb packages) you will be able to get your site fully up in 12 days.

    2. Like point 1, break up your website into pieces, Zip up the files as a tar, upload the tar, and extract it on your server via telnet. (This is if you have telnet access to your server). Since you have a lot of photos, compressing these files will save you a lot of space (and time when your uploading). You could probably compress it to about half the size (50MB+), upload it, then extract it from your server.

    3. Burn your files on a CD and ask your host if they can transfer the files to your account. (But this normally costs about US$60/hour, and since your only paying US$90/year... I don't thing this will be your best option.)

    4. Goto singapore and use the internet there... At the airport, they have an internet center with T1 connection.

    Good Luck!

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