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    What is the good thing about using Dreamweaver? I don't know where to get the theme for my site using Dreamweaver. HOw can I do it?


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    The answer is you can`t... maybe using some extensions out there... Dreamweaver is different than FrontPage (as I think you`re using).... no wizards in Dreamweaver.... because Dreamweaver is an 'In-Depth' HTML editor..... so everything is done... bit by bit...

    p/s: correct me if i`m wrong...

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    well i think dreamweaver 4 is very good

    well, dont talk about tabling.. they suck at it

    but u are a novice is html or wysiwyg programs, this is a very good option
    it has a built in o'reaily handy book in it which is a VERY usefull guide

    for every <tag> or function in html

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    Well dreamveaver 4 is good but dreamveaver ultradev are better.... coz it can helps you to manage your scripts more easier and nice........

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    Dreamweaver is not targeted to novice user. If you prefer to create a website (which contain more than 20 pages) in 2 hours...frontpage will help you a lot. Like a magic....and then you just fill the content. Theme (background, navigation button and more) is provided. Even you know nothing in graphic editor (photoshop or photoimpact), you can publish a wonderfull and colorfull website...but the main reason why I migrate from Frontpage to Dreamweaver is in Frontpage I have less controll about my website. Just think about on earth in frontpage to create complex and nested layer instead of table....and frontpage also create untidy HTML. Your page will be heavier than usual.

    Dreamweaver is a powerfull HTML editor. It has no wizzards and there is no theme. But you are allow to create your theme yourself. You have full control of CSS (even you know nothing about CSS script, using their menu could help you much) and you can create various type of nested layer with Dreamweaver. And the main advantage Dreamweaver is it has Template. Create a page as your master page and save as template. Later, when you wanna use the same design of page, create new page from template. For example is my expert3d website. I use a lot of layer (and slicing image). In FrontPage...I need my whole life to create all these thing. Adjusting there and adjusting here. But in dreamweaver, with minor editing, save as template and I can concentrate on the content. If I need to change whole the page, just change the template and update. As easy as ABC. Furthermore, frontpage need a webhoster to support their features....(there is no use counter or forum build in in the Frontpage if you use a webhoster that never support their extension)....while Dreamweaver (for me) support various FTP setting. Furthermore, if you create your site with dreamweaver, you have no worried about browser compatibility since Netscape 6 already implement DHTML in their browser.

    If I need to list the advantage between Dreamweaver compare to Frontpage,...the list will be endless. Learn dreamweaver, use it and you will notice....something that you are dreaming to create in your website but don't know can do that with Dreamweaver.

    If you wanna can download the Demo in or buy the full retail online or in the store...

    Good Luck and correct me if I'm wrong

    Expert3d : = using dreamweaver, take 5 days to complete all 189 pages

    TPKNG Kedah (official website about Pejabat Kesihatan negeri Kedah). I need 2 - 3 weeks to complete this page ...use a lot of table until even I can't edit the page more ) :

    Take a look and compare. (expert3d is much easier to build rather than TPKNG Kedah)
    Tweak beyond it Limit!

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