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Thread: [Isaacy Host]World class reliable host

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    [Isaacy Host]World class reliable host

    Isaacy Host Solution is proud to present you Isaacy Host

    We are a world class reliable hosting company with datacenters located at USA,Europe/UK,India and Singapore.You are able to order hosting packages on servers that are located nearest to you for optimum speed for page loading which is important for Search Engine Optimization.

    For more info regarding our servers/datacenter please visit here

    For more reasons??Visit here Why Choose Isaacy Host

    You can host your website with just $1.95.If you require more bandwidth or storage,just upgrade you package to the suitable one.

    We also provide you with a free domain name if you order a 12 months package.Any of the package will work as long it is a 12 months order.

    We provide 30-days money back guarantee as long as you do not violate our ToS.

    The Terms of Service is located here and the Service Level Uptime Agreement is here

    Last but not least,please provide real information when asked to ensure smooth ordering process.Thanks!

    To start ordering visit here


    How do I contact you guys if you are not on this forum?
    For questions,please visit the site and chat with the support operator.In case the operator is not available,you can leave a message and we will reply back to you as soon as we are online.
    You can also send in support ticket to respective support departments and we will answer them 24/7.Average response time is 1 hour but may be faster if the admin management team is online.

    Why different places but same price?
    Because we provide equal capability servers at all our datacenter to for optimum performances.

    What do you guys have to offers?
    You may find our full feature listed here

    How do I get the free addon on the package?
    For the addons like SSL cert + Dedicated IP after ordering the respective package that provide them,please send in a support ticket at technical support department so that we can enable them manually.

    We will add more FAQs here when questions are asked at this thread.

    For affiliates,we provide a 5% commission for the customers you referred to us.

    You can also ask questions here by mentioning me or PM me

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    Choose whichever locations' shared webhosting plan and get the 1st month free by entering this coupon code when checkout. 2UY1DFOY2Q
    The code only applies if you choose monthly recurring of any shared hosting plan.You must choose the monthly recurring subscription or else it will not work.

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