EBuzzzz Voice and Text Marketing
What is EBuzzzz Voice Marketing?

With Exabytes EBuzzzz Voice Marketing, you can NOW deliver messages using VOICE CALLS and receive IMMEDIATE replies from customers to those messages. And there's more, based on customersí response, you can even follow up those replies with additional information sent via text to receivers which ensures BETTER CHANCES OF SALES. The best part - receivers are not charged and senders are notified instantaneously of the effectiveness of the message!


With the use of your own voice, make your communication personal.
Interact closely with your customers and get response IMMEDIATELY.
Receive response from customers which ensures more biz, when they pay nothing.
Understand your audience better and target them more effectively.
Have the effectiveness of your communication with your customers tracked.
Pay only what you use, CUT DOWN unnecessary cost.
Integration with systems such as sales force, etc, provided for FREE.
No software required. Exabytes EBuzzzz Voice is completely web based, you donít have to install any software on your PC or Server.

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