APC Hosting Complete Data Protection

At APC Hosting, we understand the value of data to our customers. We believe that data is value to any organisations, and the loss of it could potentially render the organisation useless.

APC Hosting is proud to utilise a complete four-prone approach in protecting the data of our customers at no absolutely no additional cost.

Level 1 Protection: RAID Data Protection

All our hosting servers are configured with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) to ensure in the event of any hard disk failure, there are always mirrored hard disks available real-time to fail-over to.

Level 2 Protection: On-site Backup (Weekly)

Hosting accounts and data are being backed up weekly onto the server. These backups provide a basis for account restoration when required.

Level 3 Protection: Remote Backup (Weekly)

On a weekly basis, all hosting accounts are data are also being backed up over onto a seperate server to ensure even if the backups on the current server are destroyed, the data will still be available on another server.

Level 4 Protection: Off-line Backup (Monthly)

On a monthly basis, all hosting accounts and data are being backed up off-line to ensure even in the event of the loss of online backup data on the servers, off-line backup copies are available.

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