I'm here to announce that ProxyWhereabouts.com has an offer which you can advertise your proxy at affordable price.

Currently we have:

* 1st Spot on the list - $9.99/mo
* 2nd spot on the list - $6.99/mo
* 3rd spot on the list - $4.99/mo [spot unavailable for this month]

These 3 top spots are highlighted in RED

#4-25 spot on the list - $5.99 ONE TIME PAYMENT!
These spots are randomly rotated in each pageviews. This are to ensure each proxies listed will have good exposure. Links are highlighted in green.

Standard highlighted listing - $3 ONE TIME PAYMENT!
Your proxy will be given a Gold highlighted color which will bring more attention to it when users scroll through the list of available proxy sites.

Please click on the link below for traffic screenie:

Please click on the link below for countries traffic: