Are you the following?
1. Still buy DVD from the store.
2. Want High Definition TV or Movie but think you need to invest a lot in Blu-Ray player and Disc.
3. Tried downloading but sick of the speed…seem impossible and difficult to complete a single file due to the ridiculously slow speed you are getting.
4. Want a better solution but got lost with all the technical jargon (VPN, torrent client, p2p,etc)
5. Do not know where or how to start downloading.
6. Worry about privacy when you try to download something from the internet.
7. Want to watch your favorites program on the TV in the living room and not on your PC in your study room.

Don’t worry!! We at CheetahVPN been there before and know exactly how you feel. Our service enable you to download your favorites stuff be it movie, TV series, TVB, Korean drama, games, etc at amazingly fast speed.

Imagine you can watch your favorites and latest movie, TVB or TV series within 10-15 minutes and not wait for the TV to broadcast it or drive to your DVD store to get it.
How we can help?

When you subscribe an internet line from your ISP (Streamyx), they will ask you whether you want 512K or 1Mbit line. What’s this mean that in theory you can surf faster using 1Mbit compare to 512K line. Does it also mean your download will be just as fast? NO!

The ISP (Streamyx) has this automatic control system that able to detect when you are downloading something that they do not allow, for example movie torrent, it will reduce your speed significantly. 1Mbit line in theory enables you to download at 100kBs or more but when ISP detect it, it reduce the speed to 10kBs or less. With this speed, it is virtually impossible to get what you want unless you keep your PC turn on and continuous downloading for few days or even few weeks.

Why do they do it? Because they do not want to invest their money to expand their infrastructure so the best way is to control your speed so that you will not use up their resources. Is it fair? Of course, no! Can you scream at them? You can try but it will get you nowhere.

The solution to this is using VPN. What it is? To explain in simple term is when you download something, VPN encrypt the data you download. Encrypt means that it hides what you download and nobody would know what data or material you are downloading. The ISP (Streamyx) control system cannot see what it is and thus allow you to have the max speed you subscribe to. Since nobody can see the data, nobody knows what kind of movie or whatever stuff you are downloading, thus protecting your privacy.