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  1. The Cost of Free Email

    The Google gmail system still suffers at times with slow delivery so if you wish to ensure fast delivery of your mail you need to have it under your control, running on your own domain.

    If you are...
  2. Do not Waste Money On Adwords

    There is no need to spend money on adwords you can just use the Google Keywords tool, this will give the information you need.

    Also ensure you submit your sitemap to Google so that you can then...
  3. Just Follow The Google Rules

    Google Lay out the rules for building a website and you just need to follow them.

    Many people cause confusion by talking about subject such as keyword density when in reality a website which...
  4. The only way to ensure secure email is to run it...

    The only way to ensure secure email is to run it on your own domain, that way you have full control nad you can decide what spam setting to use to monitor your mail.

    Using your ISP mail such as...
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    Beware of using free webmail for business

    A common problem with these free webbased mail services is that some mail get lost or can be badly delayed they are ok for playing about with but seriously who uses a hotmail or yahoo email for thier...
  6. Website Marketing

    The truth is that everyone needs and uses Internet Marketing methods and on the face of it there is a lot of competition. However your niche market could be to apply what you learn from the ebook...
  7. Never Buy Links

    Buying Links is a mugs game, avoid it at all costs, you may as well start using pay per click(PPC) and pay to submit your sites to search engines. We are talking here about natural SEO

    Learn the...
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    SEO is about building links

    Succesful SEO is about having quality links coming into your site. the best way to do this is to build many websites and link them together like a spiders web, ensuring that all the links are...
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    Well it seems you were meant to click on the SEO...

    Well it seems you were meant to click on the SEO signature link but I do have a new way of SEO marketing.

    The new Veretekk 2.0 launch, scheduled on April 1, will see the Veretekk system take on a...
  10. Natural SEO is quite easy but it does take some...

    Natural SEO is quite easy but it does take some time, back links will greatly improve your ranking as well as placing an RSS feed from a blog onto your site to ensure regular updates. Even writing...
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    Marketing on the Internet succesfully takes time...

    Marketing on the Internet succesfully takes time a good starting point is Work From Home USA it also has a free affliate program so you can earn whilst you learn

    David Ogden
    Who Is David Ogden
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    They Need to Build a better infastructure

    Streamyx service continues to get worse as more and more subscibers join as they have failed to put in a fibre optic backbone between telephone eXchanges.

    I moved her from Cyprus some year ago...
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    You are only as old as you feel

    I am glad I am only 25 , it just the 32 years of experience that lets me down

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    Why the Need to Change

    I cannot understand people who keep changing jobs nad the same applies on the Internet jumping from one opportunity to another. The longer you stay with a company the better you will get on in life....
  15. Thread: Paid mails

    by David Ogden

    OK, I am too lazy to click the link, lets get...


    I am too lazy to click the link, lets get to the root of the matter how much are you earning and more importantly how much can I earn in a day? can I give up my day job?
  16. As I Understand it W3C code is supported nad you...

    As I Understand it W3C code is supported nad you can check to see if your website code is good, of course is you can ignor the suggestions. why not try it out you can download it and use for 60 days...
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    Free Linking site

    Hi All,

    If you are looking for a site to build backlinks, go to
    it is a site that is google friendly and is giving me good links to my various business sites.

    Don't worry...
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    Gmail rules the roost

    Gmail seems to offer more features and of course links well with other Google tools and services.

    I use yahoo as an alternative but do not like the look and feel or adverts.

    Hotmail is an old...
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    I have just started using a company called...

    I have just started using a company called nathosting, it offers a no frills service for around $4 a month. The benefit I like is the unlimited sub domains, I do not think any one can match this iif...
  20. old Frontpager

    Having built many websited in Frontpage I am now getting to grips with Expression web, its a steep learning curve
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    I suggest you Slow down


    If you want to make money online forget all the get rich quick schemes
    Remeber 95% of online businesses fail.

    You have to work hard to be part of the 5% and build a steady business.

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    A Good Question

    Putting your money into a savings scheme or fixed deposit means that you will not lose it a unit trust or the stockmarket can fall so you money is at risk.

    Investing the money in yourself might...
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    Hi From David Ogden

    Hi All,

    Just a quick note to introduce myself I am an Internet Marketing Mentor and show people how to make money on the Internet without being ripped off.

    Find out more about me at...
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