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    Transformers ROCKS! I ll surely have to give it a...

    Transformers ROCKS! I ll surely have to give it a 10/10.

    Transformers have so many elements covered which make it a great movie. The hot chicks are there, the jokes are cheesy and ultra funny, the...
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    Hi Kyrre! :D

    Do stick around more often. Hope you ll enjoy the community. Feel free to share your knowledge.

    Have fun!


    Biz Portal - Everything about Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Thread: Hello!

    by andrewtham101

    Welcome to the community!

    Hi Mika, welcome to the community! Hope to see u around more often.

    Glad dat u actually like this forum. I find it the same way as u. :D


    Biz Portal - Everything about Business and...
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    Glad dat u share the same interest of connecting with new people on this forum. Hope dat u ll come around more often and share your knowledge with the rest of the community. :D

    Have fun and...
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    Nice to meet you sephiroth!

    Things can be improved step by step. No worries man. :D There are many noobs here, including myself. We are all here to learn and improve.

    So which aspect of web design u wanna improve?

  6. Hey, thx a lot!

    Thx a lot for your comments. I really like the idea of changing the white spaces at the side to concentrate the posts. Do u noe how i can do dat without changing the template? Or do u have any...
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    COol!! @@

    Hey this is great man. But only registered member on Mobik can participate in receiving and sending free sms. Hemm, perhaps they can improve on this.

    :D Nice sharing.


    Biz Portal -...
  8. Nice meeting u all too!

    Thx for visiting my blog!

    You all have any suggestions how i can improve on my blog? Like in terms of content and appearance. :D Cheers!

    I really love this forum. Gotta learn a lot of stuffs...
  9. Any comments for my site? - Biz Portal


    I created a blog on Business and Entrepreneurship recently. Tried to look for templates but can't find something that is suitable and nice for a business site. Anyone has any suggestions?
  10. Hi Heyram! Thx for ur suggestions. :D

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I really like the idea about the self-made businessmen. All this while, I only had the opportunity to meet real-time investors as a start in Singapore.

    I can...
  11. Yeap! You're right.

    Yes, the maximum ads no is 3 ads unit and i link unit.

    Try checking out for Joel Comm's book on Making Money With Adsense. Its really good. It teaches you how to maximize revenue using adsense in...
  12. How to increase rankings in Google search?

    Hi all,

    Mind telling me how can I improve rankings for my site in Google search?

    Thx a lot. Really appreciate ur help. :D

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    Thx man!

    Thx a lot!

    The articles are posted based on my experience and interactions with successful entrepreneurs. Hope to share them with people who has the same passion as me. Though im a beginner in...
  14. Thx a lot!

    Hey, Thx for visiting my blog. :D Hope to see u there more often.

    Glad dat we share the same interest. U have anythin about business dat u ll like to share or discuss? Im very delighted to here...
  15. Nice to meet ya'all! Visit my blog and we'll talk.

    Hi all,

    Visit my blog. Theres interesting tips on business start-ups and entrepreneurship. If you plan to start a business, i suggest you visit my blog. Lets discuss, share and connect.
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    Visit this blog.

    Please visit and review this blog.

    Its business-related and posts useful business tips etc.

    Thx! :D
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