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    The Best SEO Tools

    There are many Free SEO Tools on the internet as well as tools that you will have to pay for. There are tools which can submit your site to 100ís, even 1000ís of link and article directories at the same time, toolbars which will check page ranks and sites which will check page rank, backlinks and give an estimated value of your site all in one go.

    Here are a few of the best SEO Tools:

    Page Rank Checkers / Backlink Analyzer

    dnScoop - dnScoop is a website which shows you a few statistics about the SEO state of your website. It shows you Google Page Rank, Inbound Links, Domain Name Age, Domain IP Report (See which other sites are hosted on the same server)

    Page Rank Predictor - Want to find out what PR your site will have? Try here. I would not take this guesstimate as an accurate prediction though, more like a bit of fun.

    Keyword Tools

    Keyword Suggestion Tool - This tool will show you links to suggested keyword monthly search volumes and much more, so you can see what terms are searched for most on all of the search engines.

    Hittail - Hittail tells you what keywords your visitors you are using to find your website from search engines. It also suggests what you should optimise your site for. It can be as easy as putting these terms in a <h1> ir <strong> tag and they will help a lot.

    Firefox Plugins

    Live Page Rank - This is a plugin which will display the Google Page Rank of the page you are viewing in the bottom right hand corner.

    SEO for Firefox - This will show up when you do Search Engine searches, under each search result it will show information like Page Ranking, links in DMOZ, Backlinks, Technorati links and .gov links.

    Blog Tools

    Everytime you post on your blog you should ping. These sites will help you get in the largest blogging directories online.

    Ping o Matic



    Link Submitters

    digiXMAS Directory Submitter - Using Paid Mode it will add your site to hundreds of directorys automatically with you just having to choose categories and entering CAPTCHA confirmations. Paid Mode costs $15 per site but if you have many sites this price will go down. This is a valuable tool with helping gain back links and many of the top Link Submission companies use this.

    Free Mode will allow you to still add your link to many directories it is just a bit more time consuming as it is not fully automatic. You will have to manually go through each directory and check the details and then press submit, whereas Paid Mode does everything for you.

    Article Submitters

    digiXMAS Article Submitter - This is a great tool used for submitting articles to around 1000 article directories at the same time. It will register you to the directory, it will access your email and activate the registration and will then submit the article to many, many sites.

    This is semi - automatic which means you will have to input CAPTCHA fields and choose some locations where you want your article to be shown but it is very speedy with the accuracy and detail of manual submissions.

    The software is free but there is a small charge of around $10 per article for submission (Which is a steal for around 1000 article directory submissions)

    RSS & Blog Submission

    Submit Em Now - This will submit your blog & RSS feed to over 100 directories. Great for backlink building.

    Social Bookmarking

    OnlyWire - This takes the URL and and the title information from the page and submits it to 18 different Social Bookmarking pages.

    Social Marker - This is the same sort of site as OnlyWire but it will submit your link to a lot more sites.

    Make sure you bookmark this link as I will be constantly adding new tools as I come across them. If you have any or know of any great tools to help with SEO then please feel free to leave a comment with the information on this.

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    thanks for sharing all these best seo tools
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    Thanks for sharing, they are few tools I never explorer before.

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    Some thing new in the life gives a lot of information, and this was just like that, I found about it 1st time and its good to know about SEO tools....

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