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Thread: WTA: Search engine Knowledge, (Google) (SEO)

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    Red face WTA: Search engine Knowledge, (Google) (SEO)

    I got a question here to ask... as wat we know when in google search there got 2 category radio button to click whether tick on "the web" or "pages from Malaysia" i just wanna know how the google rank the "pages from Malaysia"??? any idea???

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    I try to answer and please correct me if i am wrong.

    1)It is only within Malaysia .
    2)The oldest your website and popular website among all the visitors,the chances to be in the top rank is very high.
    3)Your readers mostly are from Malaysia which mean if your readers are from oversea,although you are top rank in the web search does not mean that you will get a same rank in pages from Malaysia.

    The rest is almost the same.
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    From what I know, there are few criterias:-

    1. Either your domain name is from Malaysia (.my)
    2. Your site's IP address is from Malaysia (from Malaysian datacenter)
    3. You site's main visitors are from Malaysia
    4. The website owner sets his geographic target to Malaysia at Google Webmaster Tool.

    Number 3 and 4 is only applicable to Google. Yahoo doesn't considers visitors' origin and their SiteExplorer doesn't have geographic target function.

    Just my two cents.
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