For those who already have their own site/blog. I can give u a list of keywords related to the topic of your site/blog for free. The list has the Cost-Per-Click (bid price of keywords), No. of Searches, No. of Results, R/S, KEI etc.

Just email me at perfect.octave[at] - let me know your site/blog or the topic. For example, if your site is about "flowers" .. I'll give u a list of keywords related to "flowers". First come first served - as I need time to produce the lists and I've other things on my hand.

You can use it to:
1. Optimize your site with related keywords for better search engine ranking (Choose keywords with high searches but not so high results etc)
2. Write contents around high-paying-keywords to attract targeted and high-paying adsense ads.

1. Don't spam/stuff your pages with the keywords. It may get you banned by Google.
Instead try to achieve keyword density 3~7%
Read more:
You can also download this tool for checkking keyword density of your pages:

2. Write original contents using the keywords RELATED to your site's topic.... and make sure the contents are informative or useful.

3. Do not create pages solely for the purpose of attracting high-priced ads. Think of useful text/info to write around the keywords. First and foremost, be responsible to your visitors and the advertisers.

I'd appreciate it if, in exchange, you can link to my site (it's a totally ethical, not MFA, no arbitrage, PR3, proper site, hmm, can even be considered as community service site)

The list is provided in good faith but I can't guarantee anything else. Use it properly and it may be able to increase your search engine visibility and also may help to increase your adsense revenue.

The placement of high-paying ads on your pages depend on not just one page related to the keywords. The Google ads algorithm may judge the keywords across pages and also your page-rank before deciding to drop the high-paying ads on your page. Try writing a couple of articles around the high-paying-keywords(original and useful content), and also make sure the keywords are mentioned on some other pages. Again, don't spam your pages, use only keywords related to your topic.

Have fun with the list!