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Thread: AOL ate Tradedoubler

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    AOL ate Tradedoubler

    I almost missed the announcement - AOL paid $900 million for tradedoubler, the affiliate advertising network. I've used them in the past and they are amongst the very best affiliate networks on the planet.

    Read a bit more about it from

    My question to the forum is - where is the high-quality affiliate network for Malaysia? Who's going to start it? One of us?

    Affiliate networks drive the growth of ecommerce within a country. Big companies don't have the time or the expertise to develop good affiliate networks of their own - they know it's not their sector so they forget about it. Only through hand-holding by affiliate networks can some of Malaysia's biggest stores and companies be dragged into ecommerce - of course.... the affilate network will get rich as well

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    Thanks for starting this thread.

    I'm not sure whether there would be a market for a local affiliate network. Currently the largest affiliate network - CJ, is already serving some Malaysia company (if i'm not mistaken).

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    Hi vincevincevince

    We are global leader in online marketing technologies named zanox, We promote Dell Malaysia and Dell Singapore for last year. and now we just start an affiliate program name Mysurveyasia Malaysia, Commission paid is 1 USD, and we will start more and more affiliate program for Malaysia soon.

    zanox is global affiliate network that support 10 languages and 200 currencies. we have more than 1000 merchant around the world. Please have a look our website,

    for any questions please contact us


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