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Thread: Adsense EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) not available in Malaysia

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    Adsense EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) not available in Malaysia

    This is kinda ridiculous.

    We will still receive the payment via cheque, while our neighbours (Indonesia, Singapore - of course) has the option of EFT.


    Anyone wanna make any speculation?

    Same goes with PayPal. Why we still can't withdraw to our local bank?

    Ok, I questioned, and I'll answer. You'll follow the rest.

    1) Fraud is the big issue in Malaysia. Wonder why we're banned by CJ?
    2) Fraud
    3) Fraud

    See the spammy easy-making-money-scam-investment in the Revenue thread?

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    Yes, seems like that is the only reason. I'm worried by an increasing of fraud clicks from malaysian website. It might affected other publisher as well. Who knows, one day, google banned all malaysian account because of this, just like what CJ did.

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    that's why e-commerce does not work in Malaysia.
    we always face difficulty to receive money...

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    Fraud is not the only one in malaysia altough we got it...i think indonesia is more fraud and thiland. I know many ppl doing so from this country.

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    Fraud. I remember reading a thread in webmasterworld about a Malaysian trying to cheat an e-commerce site. Damn, really tarnishing...

    Maybe someone can try writting to Google to get answer from them regarding the EFT. Let's see what's their explanation on it.
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