Hi guys

have you seen a website called Studio Traffic ?

John, the webmaster at the Forum claims the following :


Nothing in this world is 100% right. Even facts produced by scientists will show a different result after a decade. This is an undisputed fact. However, it is wrong to use this theory to prove the existence of 'scam'. You cannot say that even after paying, it doesn't mean this is not a scam. No, you cannot use that theory on this statement.


If our site has announced in writing on all our obligations and risks at our website, how can it be possible be a 'scam'???

It is not possible at all. To be considered as a 'scam', it is doing what was not promised. If we have already stated clearly all obligations and risks, it will never be a 'scam'. Never!

Now, if we have been paying for nearly 2 years, this is already a strong evidence and undisputed fact to show that this is not a scam. This is logical. It has already been proven and we have thousands of members to show the proof. By saying that we are a scam, we have enough evidence to overthrow this claim and begin legal proceedings towards people who labelled us as 'scam'. We will surely win. We do not even need attorney to help us prove this case.

Now, you might argue and asked us if we can prove if we can carry this on for many years. Again, this is not a question of 'scam' but whether if we are well prepared to carry this on. If members took this as a form of deciding if this is a scam, I would strongly advised them to go back to school and study more. They really need more education.

For this, there is really no point in asking us to guarantee that this will run for long. No one can guarantee future. No one! No matter how smart you are or how gifted you are, no one can! This is an undisputed fact.

The strongest evidence to support this is to see how well our management is. Whether we have been planning and building many other money making programs to support stability of this program. I believed we have done this. Again, this is a strong evidence to prove that this program will run for long.

For people who is looking for 100% guarantee and strong background which have been proven for long, I strongly recommend you to go for goverment bonds or bank deposits earning 1-3% per annum. Well, even then, no one can say for sure that these are guaranteed to be safe for centuries.