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Thread: Web Stats Reveal WebMaster Responsibility

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    Web Stats Reveal WebMaster Responsibility

    Monitoring your web site's statistics is an important part of any WebMaster's job. You can easily determine your most popular content, your search engine effectiveness, and the flow of visitor click throughs.

    Your web site statistics are the most tangible proof of effective marketing, layout and design. Your navigation can also be evaluated by studying the flow of your viewer's visit.

    Not surprisingly, I found out in a recent review of my stats on, that my visitors most commonly view the current issue, the archives, and the resources pages in one visit, one after the other in a variety of combinations. Being that this particular domain is based on my E-zine, this is a natural progression that I planned for when designing my site.

    Web site statistics used to be a way to monitor my marketing and design. After what I saw tonight, I've realized that web stats can also supply quite the reality check... and an added sense of societal responsibility.

    Educators Fight Plagiarism; WebMasters Gain Responsibility

    I found a new domain spidering my site last month, and again this month. The number of hits was high enough to make me investigate the interesting domain name:

    I had never heard of, so I took the tour off of their main page. It's really an incredible system. In an attempt to combat plagiarism in our educational system, Teachers and students across the country are using this site to evaluate the content of papers that are handed in by students.

    I hadn't really given much thought to the fact that with the incredible amount of information available on the Internet today, homework must be a lot easier than it was when I was in school! With this mass of information, comes the temptation to 'borrow' content to prove a point in a thesis or term paper.

    I was happy to find out that there is such a site in existence to help our teachers encourage and support originality! Further thought made me realize that if I'm seeing the spider on my site so frequently, there must be a lot of research into my target market by today's students.

    Think about this for a minute. Large numbers of students are out on the Internet surfing around for the very information I offer through my online publication. Good for me, right?

    Is it good for them, though? Suddenly, I feel a renewed surge of responsibility. Is my content worthy of these visits? Am I offering quality information? Are these students learning from me?

    Publishing As A Responsibility To Society

    Tomorrow's leaders are researching and learning through the content we publish. Every WebMaster should feel obligated to publish high quality, meaningful content to ensure that the next generation is well prepared to tackle whatever our future may bring.

    This realization has made me re-evaluate my content. What are tomorrow's leaders learning from YOUR web site?

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    give credit to them

    If you copy someone else article, give credit to their work. Don't simply copy their articles and claim that you had written that articles.

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    I agree that, eZine is very useful indeed.

    Nowadays some internet marketer use eZine to success.

    They write useful information to help other success.

    Search engines always spy on indexing ezine content, they are valuable.

    Many emarketer in usa writing ezine and newsletter to earn living.

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