We are pleased to announce the launch of the Putfiles.in Affiliate Program

Our aim is to deliver a quality file hosting service with a genuine affiliate program to match it. This along with some useful extra features such as Upload remote, report stats and more scheduled. Good support from us (to you) will be key to our growth. Our business model is all about working with affiliates for the long term and this is the type of relationship that we wish to develop.

So what do we offer?
We offer a PPD, a PPS program and a mixed program with rewards as follows:

Program 1: PPD - Earn up to $30.00 per 1,000 downloads
Program 2: PPS - Earn 30% on all Sales

Our PPD program pays for all traffic (no countries are excluded) and all files of 1 MB and above (we count on completed downloads).

Size / Group: 0.00 KB - 250.00 MB * 250.00 MB - 500.00 MB * 500.00 MB - 1,000.00 MB * 1,000.00 MB+ *

Group A $5.00 $ 15.00 $25.00 $30.00
Group B $2.50 $7.50 $12.50 $15.00
Group C $1.50 $3.50 $6.00 $7.50
Group D $0.70 $1.70 $3.00 $3.37
Group A: United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Canada
Group B: Uruguay, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Romania, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Australia
Group C: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Qatar, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Paraguay, Norway, Monaco, Moldova, Mexico, Ireland, Indonesia, India, Iceland
Group D: Zimbabwe, Yemen, Vanuatu, Uzbekistan and other

File Sizes:
We offer affiliates and users the opportunity to work with large file sizes:
Unregistered users can upload up to 1 GB and can download up to 500 MB
Registered users can upload file sizes up to 5 GB and download up to 500 MB
Premium users - Unlimited.
File storage time is 60 days.
Download speed for free user is 244/kb
Download speed for register user is 244/kb
Wait time is 60 seconds for first download and then the same for the second and e.t.c
For premium is no wait time
Affiliate Payments:
We can make payments via the following methods currently:
Paypal automate payment
If you need to be paid via another method like Payoneer and Payza but this are manual payments ( need to email admin for email details of transation, but we will try and accommodate you.
We are submitting payments one a month in 15 th. Once you have accrued earnings of just $10.00 (for PayPal, Payonner & Payza payouts)
Please sign-up here : putfiles.in
Thanks for reading. We look forward to working with many of you.