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Thread: Make money while you socialize

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    Make money while you socialize

    Ever wonder FB would give you bonus when ppl you referred to FB are using their features? Cashing for games, advertising, etc?

    The new social networking website is here!

    You have only 45 DAYS to take full advantage of MONETIZING YOUR NETWORK.

    During these first 45 days, you earn TOP DOLLAR as follows:

    * Earn $50 USD in credits for completing your own registration
    * Earn another $50 USD when u update your profile
    * Earn $25 USD in credits for referring friends who register on the site
    * Earn $10 USD for anyone your referred friends refer and who register all the way down to an unlimited number of levels. This is EXPLOSIVE!

    All the money you earn is accumulated in your Credit Bank. You're allowed to accumulate a maximum of $100,000 USD in credit value.

    How to spend your credits

    Currency trading

    Open a currency trading account at FXPRIMUS and use your credits to make some real money.

    Convert up to $10,000 USD credits into real funds in a FXPRIMUS currency trading account simply by matching the amount.

    For example, say you want to convert $1,000 USD worth of credits.

    Just match that credit amount by loading $1,000 USD into your trading account and you'll get a total of $2,000 USD to trade with.

    Reverse auctions

    Starting 15 October, you'll be able to use your credits in exciting reverse auctions.

    Just use your credits to match your purchased bids dollar for dollar and you'll be on your way to easily winning bids for the hottest products in the market.

    Lifestyle and family products

    You'll soon be able to use your credits for dollar-for-dollar matching on lifestyle and family items such as holidays, online games, electronics, fashion and more!

    More information, please click here

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    do you have proof that the are legit and will pay me?

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