Hi, nice to meet you.
Actually im now having an e-shopping mall business with e-franchise concept. Now i would like to look for business partner to sub-franchise out.

Our e-shopping mall currently partnership with some branded merchants in market. Franchisee can have the right of manage e-shoppping mall and get different dealership of over 100 brand in market. Our category in e-shopping mall included Fashion, Trend, Beauty, HealthCare, Leisure, Baby&Kids, Food&Beverage, Telecommunication, Travelling,Car and etc..

Merchants who are currently partnership with us included Ogawa, Nike, Skin Renew, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Montblanc, Sony Ericson, Nokia, Samsung, Olympus, Station One, Chevrolet..etc.

If anyone who are looking for business opportunity to gain profit from e-commerce business or wana get much more details.
Pls contact me :
msn or email:jh_jessie@hotmail.com or via 016-6293767

From: Jess

我正在经营网络商城的生意,在市场上非常独特创新的概念e-franchise system.我们Shopping mall所有的Category包括时尚,潮流,美容,养生,保健,休闲,饮食,婴儿用品,电子用器或电讯 ,礼品,旅游,服务,和日常用品。就是所有的衣,食,住,行,吃,喝,玩,乐。目前和我们联盟的商家已超过 60多间商家,包括Ogawa,Nike,Sony Ericson, Nokia, Rolex, Seiko, Station One, Olympus, Samsung, Jojobali Spa, Skin Renew,Chevrolet车等等。还有好多好多呢。现在我要sub-franchise 出去,开分店。e-franchisee能得到这些所有超过100个品牌的代理权和整个网络商城的经营权.

msn or email: jh_jessie@hotmail.com