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Thread: Make Money For Posting Links !! $$

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    Make Money For Posting Links !! $$

    Make Money For Posting Links !! - Make money for posting links! will pay you for every link that is posted on forums, blogs, social networking sites or your websites. It is simple and easy to start making money today!
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    Basically all it is to post links on websites, forums or where ever and when someone clicks on it you make money. When the user clicks on the link either a pop up, intermission page, with an advertisement will show. And Linkglee will pay you.

    The minimum amount to withdrawal is $1.00. When you reach that, you may process your payment. Payments are sent out via Alertpay , Moneybookers and transfer available funds to your account instantly . Referrals 20%

    types of ads:

    Parking page type pays a lot more and is a page with an ad displayed before the site linked.
    Rate: 1$ / 2000 click

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    Internet Money

    There another simple and effective system to make it work


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    Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe

    - Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe[/url] That's right ... your links do NOT have to become a fully activated member in order for you to get paid. Just refer 20-30 people a day who might be interested, and you'll soon be making an extra $1,000-2,000 a month!

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    A great way to boost your earnings, selling our quality traffic here is easy! - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links. Link program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive

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