I have a fairly popular Dutch travel website about Malaysia. It started out as a simple travelogue, but as I went to Malaysia more often, I starten building more and more content.

Right now I attract roughly 10k unique visitors each month, with over 30.000 pageviews. I am already active with some dutch affiliate programs, and also use one international program; Commission Junction.

The problem for me is that although I am from the Netherlands and the site is written in the Dutch Language, many of my visitors book their trip directly with Malay sites like pinganchorage.com.my or asiarooms.com. Too bad for me I cannot find these companies anywhere at many different affiliate programs.

My question is: Can someone point me into the direction of an affiliate program where I can find some Malay companies (pref. travel)?

Thank you.

p.s. my site: veelzijdigmaleisie.nl (that translates to 'versatile malaysia'.....